[Journaling] Summative work progress on Oct 31st

We had been working outside.

however, due to weather problems, came inside PAC back and started our summative project.

What I/We did

  • Reviewing Wow moments
  • Finding a place to present our performance as a summative assessment
  • Having a group discussion
  • Organizing performance for our upcoming summative assessment
  • Rehearsing


Here’re My Thoughts
We chose the place to constantly work on our Wow moments. 
We, as a group, decided to keep our theme because the chosen place fit with our theme for these reasons.
(Please click the mind-map if you want to look at it in detail.)

Feedback& Reflections

I should improve myself performing without music.
My movements have to be either extremely fast or slow. No pedestrian walking.


Q. Why we were not working with music ?

A. So far, Music has accompanied with our performance. Sometimes, we were affected by the mood that music created,(which we shouldn’t). Especially, I , as a dancer, am inclined to be easily affected by music because I have illustrated music so far. Music usually supports the performance but on occasion it may distract the performance. Suppose, if an actress feels strong urge to create delightful ambience but the background music plays too gloomy melodies, that might hinder her aesthetic instinct. In my opinion, without music, the group becomes more ‘interdependent’. Performers become more independent and interactive. Based on today, I realized my group became more communicative.

The other guess is because music silences tiny sounds. One of the impressive wow moments of Roh’s groups’ outdoor performance was the sound- the sound of steps, the sound of wind, the sound of people brushing past, the sound of breath,…. Every single sound melted into their performance without music. Even though we’re doing indoor performance, the same goes. Without music, the audience is able to listen to the various sound effects. In our group’s case, the audience will be able to hear interesting sounds echoed by walls and halls.

Q. Why we were saying eyes open at the beginning eyes closed at the end

A. Foremost, Saying eyes open/closed tell the start and the end of the performance.  I, as an audience,  tend to imagine what the performance will look like until open my eyes. I imagine it draw some pictures in my head. After opening my eyes, I soon realize the performance is different from my anticipation. Those thinking process makes audience creative and into the performance.


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