[Journaling] Oct 28th – Performers decide the story.

Screen Shot 2014-10-28 at 오후 3.19.18

1. Revisioning the wow moments

2. Selecting outdoor place to perform WOW moments.

3. Rehearsaling

4. Watching Group 2’s Persormances

Screen Shot 2014-10-28 at 오후 3.19.22

As a group, we selected an outdoor place which can be used as an architecture.

My group chose stairs beside school library. And we merged all the wow performances in one play.


We chose this place because the stairs could represent the meanings of metamorphosis flowingly.

The trees in front of the stairs were also beautiful.

The juxtaposition of modern architecture, which were stairs, and nature drew us into that place.




We started to discuss about how to reorganize our performance and practiced.

It was little awkward to me because no one played background music.

So far, I had been performing with music and today was the first time that I performed without music.

Due to this awkwardness , I lost my concentration on performance.

However, after seeing group 2’s performance, I realized performers could perform even without music.

Music is just one of the component of the performance. 

Performers decide stories to tell. 

Ergo, performers are responsible for stages,stories and performances.

They have to stay still, or move in an extreme speed until they’re given kinesthetic responses.

That’s what performers have to do.


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