[Individual Research] Application of Newton’s first Law

While I was writing my Drama Journal, a brilliant thought crossed my mind.

Let me do some physics.

It won’t be difficult, so don’t be frustrated!


Every object is inclined to keep on doing what they are doing. Humans are not exceptions.

Suppose, you are in a fast moving car. The car suddenly stops. At the same time, you’ll move forward! I bet you have experienced this in your car, bus, or taxi. Your body tries to stay at rest, but you actually can’t but move forward.  Your body wants to stay in a motion with previous velocity. However, a sudden brake makes you move forward. This is a physical tendency discovered by English physicist, Isaac Newton.

The Law of inertia , or Newton’s first law, states that ;

all objects save their state of motion. In other words, if an object is at rest it continuous to be at rest and if it is moving it continuous to move unless acted upon by an unbalanced force.

The Law of inertia make object resist changes in its state of motion.

And I discovered that this is just same as the Viewpoints!

Think, the actors stay still or move in an extreme speed and in the certain direction while performing.

And they maintain until they’re given external stimuli from others.

If an actor is staying still, he/she should be stays at rest If the actor is moving, he.she should move in a same speed and in a sam direction unless acted upon by an external stimuli.

The law of inertia is an natural tendency.

The performers have to respond only to external stimuli , as if its their natural tendency.


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