As a dancer, I am interested in watching and copying choreography. I WANT to choreograph, but I think I’ve  still got many weakness to practice and correct. Whenever I am in the mood for dance or whenever I’m stressed out, I watch the dance videos. Then I memorize and emulate the gestures, postures and grooves. I used to go to dance studio, but i quit because I thought I could handle it on my own. Furthermore there’re enough dance teachers online – I can watch a number of choreographies choreographed by people around the world on youtube. Last year, I was watching choreographies of people like the other days.  One video caught my eyes. I don’t know why, but I couldn’t erase every single scenes from the video. This video was different from others. I could read the stories from her gestures, faces, and eyes. She became one of the person who I admire.

Koharu Sugawara is young, promising Japanese choreographer.

Unlike other modern choreographers, Koharu shows flow of emotions while dancing. Her face emotion changes as the music goes by. And that makes me fall into her choreography more than others’.

She is not a distinguished dancer like Anne Bogart yet. She hasn’t held a concert neither founded a company. She is working as a independent instructor.  But I can see her happiness while watching her videos. I can feel her mirth through the video. And I think I am infected with it.

I want to be a dancer like her. I may not be professional and perfect, but at least I want people to have same feelings I have while performing. I want to let people in the mood for grooving and moving , even though they are hesitating.

She recently visited Korea


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