the Viewpoints Reflection


Still, I can remember the day I was in Black Box Theater for the first time. My heart was pounding with excitement at that time. Everything was new to me. New school, new mates, new class, new subjects …. On top of everything, the Viewpoints was the newest thing that I faced here in Branksome Hall Asia.

Viewpoints was totally new to me. It sounded challenging. At the same time, It sounded lovely. This is the reason why I decided to enter the world of Drama, the world of the Viewpoints.

Since then, Ive learned and developed the Viewpoints with my beautiful classmates. And now I am on the verge of moving on to next unit. I can’t believe that I am hesitantly but progressively being a performer who can deliver stories. And quite honestly, I am looking forward to myself creating a brilliant gestures, shapes, messages and stories.

For me, Viewpoint is now more than a drama lesson. Viewpoint is becoming part of me.

My understandings about the Drama and the Viewpoints has developed compared to the first day. As my understanding was deepened, my drama head started to operate creativity.And I realized my creativity has something to do with reflection.

In retrospect, the thing that has nurtured my sense of drama is, reflection. I always have written about my thought, reflections, aspirations on this blog. And I can confidently say that I have been faithful to myself while I’m writing something here.

Reflection makes me recall. Reflection makes me be all ears.  And through these process, I stepped forward.

 IMG_4485 IMG_4498


One thought on “the Viewpoints Reflection

  1. Some great reflection on reflection. I think you’re right – it really does make a profound difference. Thank you for your consistent effort with your journalling. I like the inclusion of images from class.


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