After watching our performance on stage

When I was on the backside of the stage, it was hard to perceive what’s going on stage. I was given a very limited vision when I am backstage. So I had to use my auditory sense to get the grasp of the audience’s reaction. If, for example, the auditorium was silent , it tells me that audience are paying attention. If I heard the sound of audience laughing, there might have been some hilarious gesture that entertains them. If, however, the auditorium is distracting and filled with noise, I could infer that the audience was not paying attention to the performers.

The performance was over my expectation. However, the gesture that I didn’t intend looked more beautiful than the gesture which I created because i thought It would look beautiful to the audience. In other words, genuinely improvised and inspired gesture shone on stage, than manufactured choreograph.

In retrospect, we‘ve been forcing ourselves to create and plan the performance. Since it was the first time to show our progress officially. We really concerned about what if the performance can’t meet the expectation of audience. We were all worried about how to transfer a gesture in a beautiful way.  Prevalence of temptation to say  “this posture looks good” to ourselves was what we need to get rid of.

At the same time, I also saw our potentials. Since the performance was much better than my anticipation, I was encouraged to ‘keep well the road’. Go Grade 10 Drama!


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