Stay-G (Stage)

Nerve and excitement.

Concern and confidence.

Doing something for the first time always brings me mixed feelings. We were finally on stage. After the performance, I evaluated it based on feedbacks from my audience.

“I thought you guys were going to present play. Then I was embarrassed when you guys presented the things that are totally digressed from what I expected. My point is – it was vague for me. Even though you explained about the concept of the Viewpoints, I spent whole time sitting and guessing what you’re going to tell us. I would have been better if you told further in detail. “

“Actually, it was not bad. I mean, literally, not so bad.  And I thought our mistakes, or accidental situations like stepping on others’ foot, were part of a performance.”

“It was good. You looked great on stage. By the by, Could you explain about the message you intended to tell us through the performance?”

Awesome. You guys were fantastic. My friend and I talked about how gorgeous you were on stage.”

“You guys looked already prepared and planned.”

 Some feedback that I’ve noticed is : The audience cannot get the grasp of what’s going on stage. We are lack of stories. I guess the reason why the audience couldn’t understand our performance was because we did not deliver the stories through our movements. Gesture was abstract and bland and audience was not able to hold a story.

Well, I have nothing to say but admit; I was worried about how to transfer a gesture in a beautiful way. In retrospect, I‘ve been forcing myself to create and plan the performance. This was a temptation to say to myself this posture looks good.

Creating gesture depends on our careful observation. Even a tiny movement, such as hesitating and breathing in can be copied. Do not let myself governed by temptation in order to STAY-G (stay gorgeous) on stage.


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