Rehearsal is in the hopper


October 1st – 2nd

   We’ve got 3 days left for our performance, with only 1 day being left for a rehearsal. I now have a mixed feeling about our upcoming performance. Both nerve and excitement exist in my mind. But i think excitement is dominating and starts to ruling my mind, feeling and even day-to-day thought. This is because I do believe my drama companies, fellows and on some side, comrades. The photograph above is my favourite shape that was created by “us”. The picture somehow showed creativity and potential and gave a courage to me as well.

 In retrospect, we were embarrassed and giggled while doing drama class for the very first time. But now We’ve seen a gradual progress compared to the very start of the class. We are still clumsy and haven’t mastered all the viewpoints,  nevertheless I think we deserve to be confident as a performance group. Now we’re like preparing a big ceremony that can outburst our accumulated energy and potentials , for the first time. Attention Branksome! Drama people are coming!


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