Sep 29th Drama Class Reflection

We had a rehearsal for Next Week Assembly.

First off, We try to understand the audience’s perspective by sitting on the audience chair. I felt less engaged in the performance when i sat on the very back of the stage , compared to when I was seated right in front of the actresses. I realized that I as a performer have to be full of energy to deliver my performances to the audience who are sitting very backside of the auditorium. Height also was another factor that influenced me. I was able to be more observant when I sat on the highest part of the auditorium, as if I can see more views and be entertained when I reach the top of the mountain or skyscrapers.

So far, the performer has responded to kinesthetic stimulus given by each others. They are also affected by changes in music, which they shouldn’t. On the stage, however ,there are more external factors that affect we, the performers. Those are Light,audience’s movement and reaction. To quote my friend, Dana, the ambience was created and developed due to the light. I agree with what she said. Also the performer caught the audience’s reaction or subtle movement and transferred it. I think this is one of the biggest  privilege that a performer can get.


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