Shape myself, Shape the world!

Class Reflection (Sep 22nd)

One video says Pina has a ‘special’ fear in mind. People with fears are usually discouraged. Contrary to expectations, her fear, ramped up her aesthetic production.

We watched several videos that Pina bausch, a German choreographer, had performed. Her performance always went beyond the boundary between dance,play, art and music. Honestly, when I watched her performance at first, I felt confused whether its genre is dancing. As lots of people did, I was shocked at her provocative way of performing. Then I found those feelings are my reaction to the revolutionary sensation. Pina’s performances are neither dance nor play. Then what do they belong to?

I want to say that they are just Pina’s performances.

In pina’s performances, there’re lots of VIEWPOINTS including spatial relationship, kinesthetic response, tempo, repetition and et cetera. Her performance, also has a SHAPE.

Shape is created by bodies. Shape is made up of straight line and curves and the combination of both.  Human is the optimized creature to present shape because human body has a curve. Even 1 person, can create countless shapes like this;

Even 1 person creates various shape

Shape can be made from the body space and the body with relationship to other bodies.

Some letters(B,D,G,H and etc.)  are created by body with relation ship to other body

As a pair, we practiced Shape. I had to create a shape based on my partner’s current shape. There were 2 options that I could be inspired; one was the positive space and the other one was the negative space. Positive space in 3 dimension means a real object whereas the negative space is the area inside or outside the object.

As a group of 5-6 members, we practiced this again. This was harder because the number of people had increased.

And then, all of students stood in a circle and did the shape practicing activities again! We did once without topic and did again with topic and the topic was I don’t see you.

The first shape we created looked like a flower. We tangled and made a big spherical shape in the center and people who joined at the end laid down, stretching their arms. The sphere looked like a bud and people who laid down looked like leaves. So to speak, it was beautiful!

Our first shape looked like a bid lotus bud

Next, we were given a topic, which was ‘I don’t see you‘.

The challenging part in here was;

1. I had to recognize my turn using my kinesthetic response.

2. While I was doing challenging shape, I had to have a strong stillness until my turn came back, which would brought pain in the muscles.

3. Since the topic was given, It was challenging for me to make my body language concise.

These are reasons why I found this challenging. At the same time, I found this interesting because I could use my aesthetic creativity a lot. And I decided not to consider about the fear in my mind because Pina bausch also had a fear of creativity in her mind!

After I decide my shape, my shape inspires another person to create another space which will inspire other person, and then this work continues until someone says ‘Halt‘. Shaping is like giving impact to others.


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