Jenny’s Research on Drama(Aug 26)

Suspension of Disbelief

The Evolution in Science made people Realistic. People became science-oriented and started to distrust the existence of God, angel and devil , ipso facto diminishing the audience’s concentration on Dramas or plays. 

The English Poet and aesthetic philosopher Samuel Taylor Coleridg, suggested alternative to the decreasing immersion in arts and held a new paradigm called the “suspension of Disbelief”.

 * If a writer could infuse a “human interest and a semblance of truth” into a fantastic tale, the reader would suspend judgement concerning the implausibility of the narrative – Samuel Taylor Coleridg

 * In terms of Perorming Drama If energy lacks , for example, if actor holds knife and hurts, “suspension of disbelief” could be used in this situation. -Ms.Mor

 * Against the realism, the audience should stop measuring the plausibility and hesitate being realistic while watching Drama or plays. NOT BEING SKEPTISTIC!  – My own definition


Sometimes I tried to deny the drama situation when it seemed unrealistic or impossible to happen in real life. However, ironically the more I tried denying the more I immersed into the unrealistic situation that the character had encountered. For example, I watched thrilling movie which the villains chased and chased the hero, as if the villain goes to space to catch him. I immersed into the movie so much that I didn’t consider whether it could happen in the real life. So I think that, If the audience try to be engaged in the story, the suspension of disbelief naturally comes through the mind, without recognizing.

 Confusing part which I found in this concept

Does adopting the Suspension of Disbelief is ‘believing’ the fabricated scenarios or not?


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