Jenny’s Drama Class Reflection Sep 5th

<A significant development over the performance>

What we did

Today was Parents coming day. We only had 40min class but still it was an enough time to learn.

* I made a brief introduction to VIEWPOINTs for Parents

* As usual, we did Group Performance and share feedbacks

* We also learned that we could do repetition by changing head and shoulder direction.

My feedback for other group – observation

My favorite moment was that One group had made diagonal line and continued walking, at the same pace. I’ve got goose bumps at that time. Happy accidents reminded me of the aquarium, army, marching band and automatic machine.

My piece of advice to other groups is following;

I saw some people were hesitating to come front. I want them to be brave and try to get close with the audience.

Feedbacks from 

Ms.Mor, Roh, Irene,Dana and other mates

Ms.Mor and Roh said that I was able to make happy trio-moments because I used kinesthetic response, especially using auditory senses.

There was a moment that Group 2 made a circle and everyone was engaged in it. It definitely was great performance, however, audience including Ms.Mor wanted to see that accident for a longer time. Next time, I am going to try stretching this moment.

I was walking toward the audience extremely slowly. While I  was doing this, o ne of the members came next to me and we walked toward the audience. We walked at the same pace as if we are clone. Irene said it was one of the best moment in our performance.

Dana said that Group 2 used more spaces that the previous group

Ms.Mor said Some people in our group just stayed in the backyard. I guess this was due to lack of bravery and confidence. I will try to make those people to come front stage, through giving them an external stimulus.


I mentioned that in bid to get better and make many happy accidents we need to build a strong teamwork. I also went on to say that the strong teamwork came from being observing and giving considerate feedback. In today’s lesson I think we shared a lot of feedbacks, which maximize our strongpoints and minimize the bad habits.

My previous Journal also addressed with the importance of knowing Viewpoints. So far, we’ve learned Kinesthetic Response, Spatial relationship, Tempo, Duration and repetition.  Regarding the Viewpoints,I think My duration skill was relatively weaker that other skills. I will try to be dynamic performer by enhancing duration skills and applying it. Moreover, I want to be a storyteller who delivers her own stories by applying all those viewpoints skills, including the rest of viewpoints we haven’t learned yet.

Now I am looking forward to make a significant development over the performance and I am confident to make it.


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