Jenny’s Drama Class Reflection (Aug 25)

Jenny’s Drama Class Reflection (Aug 25)

Today was the second day of IB MYP Drama class.

The things that occurred today in class were;

– Walking into space (Spacial RelatonShips)

– Walking into space and decide the destination by turning head, and further decide pace ; whether running extremely fast or extremely slowly (Tempo)

– Doing this activity in silence, in a telepathic way (Kinetic Response)

 I can’t categorize the Viewpoint exactly, because I think all activities we’ve done today contain at least 2 Viewpoints.

The most challenging part for me was to decide when to stop, or where to turn my head and go. The diffrent things from DAY 1 were I were given more requirements during walking into space. In addition to going and stopping altogether without signals, I had to decide the direction and the pace. It was super hard for me. But during this process , I tried to look at every classmate’s eyes, conveying the messages. Some people looked at me but others seemed not interested in my silent message.

The most satisfactory activity I did today was the last activity – bending kness and standing up. Only 3 people out of 5 had to stand up spontaneously. My group was successful and I think the reason why we suceeded was we are sort of acclimatized to spontaneous and intuitive training system. Thus, We are able to pay attention to each other, by extension,  to explode our team energy by doing this activity.

For the next class I want to concentrate on exploding my creativity as well as other 5’C’s princiles. I still feel lack of creativity


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