Jenny’s Drama Class Reflection (Aug 22)

Jenny’s Drama Class Reflection (Aug 22)

Frankly speaking, My acting experience is poor. I’ve acted when I was in primary school. Although My drama team was awarded, i think it’s rather kids’ role-playing than acting, which requires a great amount of energy and concentration. Therefore, I was really looking forward to my new drama class.

The big reasons why I chose the Drama class is;

For starters, I was looking for the way I can improve my artistic talent. I’m a dancer. Dancing is one of my biggest joy as well as  co-curricular activity. While dancing, I give off my energy and try focusing on showing my emotion to audience. I thought that the drama class will be undoubtably helpful in terms of improving my talent.

Second of all, I’ve wanted to find my potential. I want to challenge me how much I can do regarding art field.

Last but not least, I want to build a strong human relationship with my friend. By communicating in Drama Class, I want to be engage in a part of group. I want to be the people who holds a strong bond with friends.

Those several reasons made me dare. This challenge could seem bold, but, since I have a deep faith in my new journey, I’m confident that I can make a ‘remarkable’ achievement , at the end of the class.

With that in mind, I went to the class. Silence only greeted me. I was weaved by the tension and so did the other classmates, I guess. Am I drowned? I asked to myself. Before the class, I thought the tension is always disadvantaged people. Regarding performances, I considered tension as a massive enemy that I had to overcome.

This concept has totally changed after the Drama class. I have to grab the tension as it it is an invisible thread that connects me with the energy.

The training I’ve had was totally different from the other trainings. I had to stare my friend’s eyes and communicate in silence. This ‘communication’ was what I’ve never tried before. Therefore, It was extremely challenging for me to stare one’s eyes for a long time and try to be telepathic. While I was trying to walk extremely slowly, I feel like my feet were controlled by others.

Pretending to resist the force that pulls me was the hardest thing for me. I wasn’t able to do this without my partner’s ‘co-operation’, which is an eye-contact. I first doubted if the partner could help me because we just met today. But her eyes had a faith and encouraged me to accomplish the task. I realized Drama requires a sincere co-operation.

Also I tried to run or walk into spaces and stop. Sometimes, Ms.Mor asked us to do the opposite reaction; Stop when she said Go, Go when she said stop. This needed a ‘concentration’ and quite honestly, I enjoyed it. I liked this activity because I was able to respond with movement using all of senses and even using telepathic communications skills, when Ms.Mor asked us to do this on our own but in silence. And finally I was able to feel my energy.

For the next class, I would like to improve my kinetic response skills more than I did today. I want to improve all the 9 View points. Ultimately, I want to be in harmony with my friends not only in drama class, but also in whole classes.


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