Jenny’s Class Reflection(Aug 29th)

Brief Summary of the lesson

In the lecture, we addressed the duration and the repetition. And we divided the group into 2 and had a training which dealt with duration, repetition. As always, the training was mute.

Q.What do you think about the performance, as an AUDIENCE?

A. I have encountered a unexpected happy moments. During performance Some students gathered in a  diagonal or straight line and scattered spontaneously. Most of students adopted the Viewpoints of Anne Bulgart – duration and repetition. Frankly Speaking, although we are still adroit and unskilled , but I saw a definite progress. Their job was remarkable compared to the first day, or even the past class. Now we seemed to have a energy to tell stories.

Q.What do you think about your performance, as an ACTOR?

A. (Since I had tried not to think during performance, I listed to my partners’ advise)

Staying in front of audience and Staying still for a long time are the bravest part in my performance. This is the way to draw attention and interest from the audience, for instance, my partner, Irene felt curious on the reason why I was staying still for a long time and she tried to get the reason. I think I had a successful result in controlling duration. However, I still need to relax my body , especially my shoulder.

Q. What was happening and how and why was it happening? Can you feel it?

A. Difficult question. I think that a lot of happy accidents happened. As I mentioned before, my classmates stood in a straight or diagonal line, made a circle, turned over as a response to the chance, maximized their senses especially making their auditory senses extremely sensitive. I think this is because everybody was doing their best and trying to give off their energy. Moreover, Everybody was trying to be a genuine actress. I feel it. And finally, Yes. While observing their performance, I’ve got a goose bumps.

Q. What is your opinion on this work and its purpose?

A. For a student who wants to engage in an art-oriented field, it should be regarded as a mandatory training. Nevertheless, for a person like me, who likes drama but won’t going to have a job related with drama, it is still helpful. I was told that I had a progress and I’m glad to hear that. This VIEWPOINT training aims for not only being an recognized artist but also being an good Communicator. We do a lot of teamwork in every class and it increases my awareness of my group community. Also a person with a good artistic senses are also good at detecting emotion. This strength can be used in various ways such as compromising and negotiating with people, providing psychological remedy, leading a satisfactory conversation and et cetera.

Q.Do you think it is useful? How?

A. Based on the reasons I’ve enumerated above, Yes It is evidently USEFUL.

Q. How this training stretches your understanding of performing?

A.Obviously this training stretched my conception of performing because I now widen my aesthetic field to drama. I have concentrated only on dancing so my understanding could be limited to the dancing field. Compared to the past, I learned some factors of the VIEWPOINTS and realize art has a certain strategies in order to draw the audience – in my word, to MOVE THE CROWD. From now on, I can apply the duration, repetition, kinesthetic response, spatial relationship and tempo to my performance!

Q. What is the thing that made you aware of ?

A. The silent moment. There was a moment that all of us halted and looked at each other’s eyes. And then, we started to repeat our movement. At that time I realized We had applied the Viewpoint strategies- duration and repetition.

Additional Reflection

My favorite part of today’s lesson is the warming-up part. We made a circle and warmed our body, but in a special and unique way that I’ve never thought. Each person choreographed for the warm-up music and every person had to follow her. I personally really like this activity and I’m still fond of it because I’m a dancer. Before this activity I thought dance was organized art but now I realized dance could be spontaneous, as long as I enjoy it and don’t consider how funny I look like while I wing it! 


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