Mistake creates History- Drama class Reflection sep 16

Mistake creates History
Human makes mistakes.
I am a human.

Based on Aristoteles’ deduction , I , as a human , am destined ti make mistake at least once, but, probably, way more times.

Today was ‘the day.’

Since we had had a long 9 days break, we had to wake our sleeping Dramaphilic cell, or, energy, which was just staying inside our stomach like a magma in latent volcanic mountain.
We had a revision time by explaining about what we have learned so far to our new face, Luna. Then we learned about new Viewpoint called floor pattern.

Floor pattern is..
It primarily requires to work as a group-2 or more. The starter creates the path as if the us way.pioneer in wasteland. As they finish and come back to where they start, the second performer has to exactly imitate starters’ path,pace and direction. While doing this, the performers have to keep track of other factors too, such as starting and coming back at the same time. If it works well, the audience will feel the performance coordinated and neat.

It was challenging because not only it was new stuff but also I could not get the grasp of how I can create beauty applying this strategy, at that time. That was the reason why I got lost while doing my group exercise.

Based on the path that team leader created. We memorized and visualized it in a various way. At the end we did a final exercise.

Our team started first. Ms.mor said to stay in a line but move individually. I mad a mistake here. I walked as usual without observing the rule that we had to be on the previous path. I did like it because I had started first I was able to create a new path. More seriously, I even didn’t notice the fact I made mistake before Roh inform me.

But I decided to embrace my mistake. Well, everybody makes mistakes and why I shouldn’t? I believe I can do better next time as long as I admit my fault and improve it. Mistake creates History. Mistake I’ve made today will lead into a better performance.


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